Marketing Strategy

We come up with a game plan together.

In order for your business to be successful we come up with a game plan. Quarter by quarter. We understand that marketing for our businesses is seasonal. We want to monetize during the busy season as much as possible. During our onboarding phase we will custom create a 12 month long marketing strategy with a projected revenue number attached to it.

What's involved?

> Research & Strategize

We will meet & discuss the direction we need to go based off of your company's goals, KPI's & needs. Our internal dashboard will show you all of the important metrics on a daily basis.

> Design & Build

You will meet one of our amazing designers & we will design your site/advertisements around your company's vision & what you makes you different in your market place. Simultaneously focusing on increasing branding, conversions & leads.

> Track & Grow

Our completely unique tracking system is an all in 1 solution that will track your SEO, PPC, & company growth, Visits, Cost per leads & handle all your social conversations.

What's Included in Our pay Per Click Services?

  • First we will perform a complete digital competitive analysis to see how your business is performing against your competitors in the market.
  • We use the best software available to capture real time site performance, competition management & domain research.
  • Website speed is important for good user experience. If your website speed is pathetic, your conversion rates are likely to be the same. On average, if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, approximately 40% of your visits will abandon your site.
  • It helps build trust in your brand, majorly improves your organic SEO, and has a strong connection to your public image, Your review generation plan needs to be practical, timely, and effective for a range of different reviewer types and customer happiness.
  • Install industry-leading phone call tracking software and advanced Google Analytics to track the source of website visitors and new customer leads
  • Track, test, and continually tweak your SEO campaigns for better performance while keeping a close eye on the competition
  • Make data-driven decisions to generate more leads and sales and increase your ROI from your SEO campaign
  • Dedicated Service Hero account manager who will be your point of contact for all things related to SEO.
  • Our representatives are fully trained on all home services marketing and what it takes to increase your lead flow and conversions
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